Welcome to the MapMyTime app support site. The MapMyTime application provides an incredibly powerful but simple way to remember where you've been and when you were there. It initially has been released for the iPhone and iPad.

MapMyTime will automatically record places you visit and how long you stay.  You do not have to remember to do anything during your day. You simply ask at any time for a list of where and when you've been.  No location application is simpler to use! Features include detailed Time Maps listing each place you've been and when you were there, and summary Time Maps listing the total time that you've been at each location.  You can export the data by email.  MapMyTime is privacy controlled. Only you have access to your data, and you can edit or delete data.

* The free version of MapMyTime can only access data from yesterday and today.  Upgrading to MapMyTime Pro will allow access to all data, including past history.

* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

* Sometimes a Time Map report will show "Cannot Obtain Address".  This happens if the internet was not available or iPhone/Google services were busy when you were at the location. You can still obtain the address by simply clicking on the Time Map entry.  If the address still shows "Cannot Obtain Address", click Done, and click on the entry again.  After obtaining the address, select "Map", and the correct address will be saved. 

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